We accept outdated medicines free of charge in our pharmacy.

Thermometers, especially thermometers that contain mercury should be returned in their own boxes. If a thermometer which contains mercury has broken, it should be packed tightly. Mercury evaporates easily and causes health and environmental problems. Recently bought thermometers does not contain mercury any more.

Pills and capsules should be returned either in their own packages or without the package in a see-through plastic bag.

Ointments and liquid medicines should be returned in original packages. Leaky tubes or vessels should be packed into a tight see-through plastic bag.

Powdered medicines must absolutely be packed in a tight see-through plastic bag.

Inhalers/Turbuhalers should be returned in their own boxes or without the box.

Medicines that contain iodine (e.g. Jodix®, Betadine®, Thyroxin®, Iodine spirit) must always be returned apart from other waste medications because iodine requires a separate processing in the hazardous waste treatment plant.

Syringes and needles should be packed into a separate package, for example a milk carton. Put a protector onto the needle. If you don’t have a protector, act as follows: remove the piston from the syringe and detach the needle. Then drop the needle inside the syringe and put the piston back at its place.

Pharmacies won’t accept chemicals, solvents or any households’ hazardous wastes. They should be delivered into a hazardous waste collection site. Nutrition products, vitamins or basic ointments that are bought from a pharmacy aren’t counted as hazardous waste. They belong into households’ mixed waste. Empty packages that are made of glass can be returned into glass waste collection site.