Owners of small pets are an increasing customer group in our pharmacy.

Adult dogs and cats should be dewormed regularly 1-2 times a year and always 1-2 weeks before a vaccination. If you are looking for deworming medicines for puppies, pregnant or nursing female dogs, you should ask information from a pharmacist.

Ear, eye inflammations and skin infections are also common symptoms which occur in dogs and cats. You should discuss of the symptoms with the pharmacist so that we can figure out whether self-care suits or should you consult a veterinarian. Painkillers for dogs and cats are prescription products because dogs and cats are more susceptible to disadvantages of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. The cause of pain in animals should always be searched by the veterinarian.

You should discuss medical service for exotic animals with a veterinarian.

General condition of your pet can be maintained just by taking good care of it but a sick animal needs always veterinarian’s help.

You can find self-care medicines for pets in our pharmacy from the separate Eläimille -shelf. For more information, please ask from our staff.

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