Many mild symptoms can be treated with self-care products and self-medicines without prescription. 

Self-care products are used against ordinary and easily identifiable symptoms that often heal by themselves. However the symptoms are sometimes more unusual, in which case should you approach a pharmacist. Then we can discuss symptoms and find an appropriate medication together.

Self-care products can help in for example temporary ache, cough, flu, sore throat, headache, temporary stomachache and certain skin diseases. Self-medication should always be temporary. You must consult a doctor if the symptoms become prolonged. In general, self-medication is safe when used properly. However all medicines may cause adverse events or have interactions with other drugs. It is important to consider all used drugs and other self-medication products when new drugs are added to the medication list.

You will find a comprehensive selection of self-care products from our pharmacy’s self-care department. We are valuing our stock constantly so that we can add or remove products in accordance with demand. If you need a product which we don’t already have in our stock, you will get it quickly for we are ordering goods from wholesales daily. 

Our product range is divided into shelfs by symptoms. You will find easily the product that suits for you by means of shelfs’ guide signs. If you have any questions or you can’t find the product that you want, we will gladly help you.

WE offer you also monthly campaigns in our self-care products. You can compare the prices of medicines and other self-care products so that you can make a rational purchase. A professional pharmacist will help you to choose the most proper self-care product for yourself. You can also ask the pharmacist about the effects and consistence with other medicines.