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Attention for 2016! Reimbursements for medicine expenses changed at the turn of the year 1.1.2016

The largest change that concerns the reimbursements for medicine expenses is an initial deductible of €50 per calendar year. 

Kela social insurance reimbursements for medicine expenses have changed at the beginning of the year 2016. A new initial deductible of €50 has been added to reimbursements for medicine expenses. An initial deductible means that the customer has to pay his/hers reimbursable prescription medicines entirely by himself/herself until 50 euros. Previously Kela reimbursement has already been given for the first medicine purchases of the year.

The initial deductible concerns everyone over 18 years old. It will take effect on one’s reimbursements for medicine expenses at the beginning of the year when the person turns 19. A new term for the initial deductible always begins at the turn of the year.

The initial deductible also concerns those, who have so far been getting a full reimbursement for their reimbursable prescription medicines.

Kanta-asiakasalennuksella saat heti ostosten yhteydessä 2,5% alennuksen itsehoitolääkkeistä ja muista terveystuotteista.